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Hi, I'm Kazzie and I just joined this community

~How long have you been dancing? basically all my life but have never taken a dance lesson
~What is you favorite style of dance? modern and I love to watch Ballroom and Latin dancing
~What is your favorite dance movie? Center Stage
~Who is your favorite dancer? Darcey Bussell and Erin Boag
~What is your favorite style of dance to choreograph? modern
~Do you prefer pink or black tights? black
~what is your favorite dance quote? not sure probably "Dance how you feel"
~What are you favorite dance shoes? my Bloch Boost DRT 11 Slip On Sneaker
~Goal for your dance career? to have one
~Are your children going to dance? definitely
~In your opinion who is the hottest dancer? hmmmm Sascha Radetsky (Charlie in Center Stage) and Ethan Stiefel (Cooper in Center Stage)
~and anything else that may seem important to you! I've choreographed my very first dance
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