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My Name is Maria and I'maddiced to dance


~How long have you been dancing? professionally or just in my room? 4  years approxmiately of training and stage, my whole life in movement

~What is you favorite style of dance? I am very fond of bollywood. I also perform classical indian dance  and I have studied ballet, I would love to further my knowledge in that,

~What is your favorite dance movie? save the last dance, and ajaa nachle

~Who is your favorite dancer? my husband lol he cant dance but hes so cute.

~What is your favorite style of dance to choreograph? bollywood, for the freedom, ballet for the form and discipline

~Do you prefer pink or black tights? black

~what is your favorite dance quote? I dont think it was intended as a dance quote but i apply it to it  "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."

~What are you favorite dance shoes? bare feet

~Goal for your dance career? I want to become a regular performance artist in my own expressive genre

~Are your children going to dance? if they want to.

~In your opinion who is the hottest dancer? i dont know

~and anything else that may seem important to you!  I am a muslim women and I wear hijab, so my dancing often includes interesting costume modifications, I am looking forward to trying some expressive/modern movement to create my own style. :)

Nice to meet you all!!!
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